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How to Complete Prayer Rituals in Confucius Temple?
Praying and Blessing Etiquettes:
1. Follow the ritual rules to visit Dacheng hall.
◎ Enter the temple area through the Hong gate.
◎ Go through the Li gate (represents following the rituals and respect for Confucius).
◎ Enter the Lingxing gate and then the Yi gate to visit Dacheng hall.

2. In front of Dacheng Hall.
◎ Display Offerings (single item in odd number amounts).
◎ Offer 3 cups of tea (Provided by worshippers).
◎ Perform Zhugao ritual. (Worshipper holds fists in hands and folds arms in front of chest, then respectfully looks at the tablet of Confucius and says one’s basic status and wishes).
◎ Finish Zhugao, then bow three times.
◎ Beat the wishing bell (one time).
◎ Finishing ritual.

3. After the ritual, worshippers can continue to pay their respects at Chingsheng shrine, East and West side-buildings, and Hongdao shrine.

How to Book the Taipei Confucius Temple Tour Guide?
1.Appointment time: apply a week ahead of time.
2.How to apply:
(1)By phone:02-25923934#17 Miss Su
(2)By fax:02-25852730
(3)By email:cd_su6789@mail.taipei.gov.tw